Thursday, March 31, 2011

Map naming conventions.

There are a few basic rules on naming your map. Now some may argue that why the name of a map is important. Well, poor name of the map can result in the map not being accepted by everyone.

First of all, don't leave space between your map name. Eg:space train and gg klutz is wrong while space_train and ggklutz is right. If you leave a space then the map most probably will compile but the map won't be recognized by cs. This is due to the way the goldsrc engine was made.

Secondly, add the appropriate extension on the map name. For eg:space_train can be written as aim_spacetrain (or de_spacetrain ). Actually, there is no technical reason to add the extension but people add it so that it is easier to catagorize the map. You can still name the map anything you like but you should have a good reason for it.

 If you don't know what the 'aim' or 'de' stands for, read on.

AIM: combat skill map. Generally, these maps are very small and they have a deathmatch type of design. Most of these map are just for improving the skill of the players.

DE:plant/defuse map. The map where the terrorist plant a bomb and the counter-terrorist defuse. They are generally big maps but they can be of any size.

CS:hostage rescue map.The counter-terrorist have to rescue the hostages and the terrorist have to stop them. The size of this type of maps is just like the de type.

AS:assassination map. Not so popular now, the counter-terrorist have to protect a vip who is controlled by a player who has to reach a designated safe area and the terrorist have to kill the vip.

FY:fight yard map. These maps are made for fun. You can ride a bike. kill others by drowning them and do all kinds of weird shit in this map. Good for playing after a long day of work. They generally are average size maps.

KA:knife yard map: You only have a knife in this map. Most of these maps are very small.

RATS: large dimension map. The best explanation can be given if you have seen the movie "Honey, I have shrunk the kids". Basically, this is a normal map gameplay wise but the world geometry is ten times large. Most of these maps are medium to big size.

DEATHRUN: Deathrun map where the terrorist have to go to an escape point to win the match. Very uncommon map type.

 There are other map types too but these are the most common.

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