Welcome to counter-strike 1.6 mapping.

This blog is made for people interested in making maps for counter-strike 1.6. After making a map, not only can you play it, you can also distribute your map over the internet for others to play.

    The people managing online mapping sites are part of the modding community. Some of these individuals are extremely talented. I have given a list of sites to learn how to make maps if you want a different direction. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You can start directly by clicking on the basics tab. A list of faq is given below.

Q:I want to learn how to make maps, where should I start?
A:This blog is aimed for people who have never mapped before or even touched a programming language or a 3d editing software before. Even if you can't follow the tutorials, try the useful links tab for other sites having mapping tutorials.

Q:In how much time can I learn how to make maps for cs 1.6?
A:If you really want to, you can learn mapping in only a week but it will take months for you to make good maps.

Q:What do I need to make maps?
A:Only a computer. Don't worry about how fast your computer is because when cs was made, people had 64 mbs worth of ram in their computers. For more information, check this page.

Q:What about you?
A:I have been mapping for almost 5 years now. During that time, I also got interested in programming, web designing, modelling, etc. Nowadays, I make maps for cs:s.

Q:There are many sites for tutorials so why make this blog?
A:Most of these sites have tutorials stored in a jumbled forum-typish
way which would be a bit intimidating for the newcomer. But the real reason was because some member of fpsbanana, one of my favourite site, accidently deleted the cs 1.6 section. Every map, model, skin and tutorial posted in the cs 1.6 category was wiped away. So I decided to make this blog.

Q:Can I sell the maps I make?
A:Short answer:Legally and illegally no. But there are ways to make money from everything you make but its a long story altogether.

If you have questions for me, ask me here.


  1. Your blogsite is a Blast! Awesome! Had I known earlier about this site of yours it would have saved me a lot of time spent with those YouTube tutorials and jumping from site to site just to mod CS1.6. I had great difficulty with the skybox. In my country, there are still a lot of people (kids and grown ups) who play CounterStrike but no one knows how to really mod or make maps for it. By the way, I'm from the Philippines and I guess folks here are not that patient or tech oriented to get into CStrike mapping. So I can safely say, I'm probably the first crazy person here to ever do it. I would really like to make a blog about my mod but not sure if I can use screenshots of it and some of the tools used like Hammer and HLMV. Also, can a blog like this have adsense? Is that permitted? Again, thank you for making such a great site like this, and if there really is a way to make some dough from CS mapping, I'm all ears.

  2. Thanks mate.
    Managing a blog and earning money from it is quite different. Yes, a blog like this can have adsense but making some cash on the side means that you need to have quite a bit of traffic coming to your website.

  3. i want to sell my cs 1.6 map which i made how can i sell it pls tell me

  4. I want to make a map based off my school. I have read a lot of tutorials. I am about to start I don't know where to begin. Can you give me some tips on where to begin with for the map?
    By the way, I love your blog! Everything is explained clearly and I am motivated.

    1. Sounds good

      There was a controversy years ago where a student was expelled from his school for making a map of his school. This may not necessarily apply to you but keep this in mind.

      World of level design has good theoretical tutorials on designing a map(http://www.worldofleveldesign.com/)
      If you need textures, models, etc head over to http://gamebanana.com/
      If you're making your own textures, learn wally and photoshop

      Hope that helps

  5. Ugh. I got a question. Why some maps crash server, while some don't?


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