Monday, October 31, 2011

Making a deathrun map

Deathrun maps are very rare maps. This is partly due to the fact that you need a unique level design and also the fact that many people think that deathrun maps are unbalanced.

The objective of this map is that the terrorist have to move towards a designated safe zone before the counter-terrorist whack them all. Due to this, terrorist are often given dumbled down weapons. Imagine the assassination map type but substitute the vip for the terrorist.

Make a brush based func_escapezone entity wherever you want the terrorist to escape. This is all you need for this map type. Keep in mind that you can combine different map types like placing hostages in a de map but making a cs map in a assassination map can lead to serious bugs.


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  2. Es and deathrun are practically the same map type. It depends on the level designer and he can also create a new game mode if he wants to.

  3. not really :P there are no traps in es_ maps and that's probably the reason this mod it's so uncommon to's sad because this mod is a classic, having func_escape_zone in vhe made for it

  4. I agree. But many had this notion that es was unbalanced. So they never made es maps again.

    Another reason is that they never knew how to properly make an es map because no es map was given as a default cs 1.6 map.


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