Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making a skybox

You must be wondering how does the sky get rendered in the game. Its quite simple though. Make a small map and select the texture tool and change the texture of the brush which is the ceiling of the map to "sky".

Compile your map and the sky will be rendered. This is because wherever the sky texture is there, the game engine renders 6 textures. Just imagine the insides of a box and you will get the idea. This is the reason why the sky is called a skybox. To change the skybox just go to map/map properties on the top panel and change the name of the environment map to one of these options:-

  • desert
  • backalley
  • blue
  • badlands
  • doom
  • drkg
  • morningdew
  • trainyard
  • city1
  • forest
  • green
  • grnplsnt
  • office
  • des
By default the sky is set to desert.
If you want to install a custom skybox texture then copy all the six tga or bmp files in your cstrike/gfx/env folder and use the name of the skybox while making your map.
However, if you want to make make your own skybox texture then go here.

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