Friday, January 28, 2011

How to setup hammer for cs mapping

This guide is going to show you how to setup hammer for making cs 1.6 maps.
Keep in mind that this tutorial shows how to setup valve hammer editor used in making maps. Additional tutorials about mapping will come later.
From this point I will refer valve hammer editor as vhe.
Things needed:

Alright, so you have download all the prerequisites to make maps. So first install vhe 3.4. You will have noticed that 3.5 is in a zip file. Now extract the zip file and paste the exe file in the vhe 3.4 installation directory. An override option will come up. Press ok.

Now your vhe version has successfully been updated to 3.5 version. In case you have not noticed, 3.5 is in beta. If you want you can leave the version to 3.4 but 3.5 has some options which are quite useful.

Now make a folder called zhlt. Extract all the contents of zhlt zip in this folder. The reason why I asked to make a specific folder is because we have to keep things tidy. Also, make this folder in your c: drive. You can make it anywhere but I will refer it to c: drive in the tutorials. Also unzip the fgd file in your  vhe folder.

So we have successfully setup everything needed for counter-strike mapping. Now open vhe. A dialog box will open up asking you to setup all the directory paths. The dialog box should look like the screenshot given above.

Click on the edit in the configurations tab. A dialog box like the one above will be shown. Click on add and type "counter-strike 1.6". Click ok and click on add in the game data files tab. Go to your vhe folder and select the counter strike sp fgd . Don't select the original one, just the one we have downloaded earlier. If the fgd file is not present, download it from the link given above. The path should look like this: "C:\program files\valve hammer editor\fgd\counter strike expert.fgd..."
The reason why we did this is because we still can make maps with the original fgd but we can't make complex entities with it.

Now comes the easy part. Select the four dropdown boxes as shown in the first figure.
Enter the game executable directory as cs1.6. This is the base directory. Note that the directory can vary depending on where you have installed the game. After that, just see the first screenshot and select according to the paths given.
Oh and make a new folder and name it something meaningful and select it in the last option. You can see my laziness in that :P


Whoa, that was something .
er, actually we are not finished. But still a couple of things are remaining.
So get on to it!

Now select the build programs tab on the top. It should look like this.

This part is really simple. In fact it is so simple I am not gonnna discus it.
Except for the last four paths. Just point it to the zhlt folder and the respective files in that folder. If you don't get it, just see the screenshot given above.


Just one last thing. Really.

Go to the wad files tab on the top. There select one wad file called halflife.wad. It will be located in C:\...\cs1.6\ valve\halflife.wad
In case you were wondering what a wad file, just imagine a couple of photo bundled in a single folder with the extension of wad. Simply speaking, it contains the textures required to make maps.



Changed the link of the fgd to counter-strike sp fgd. This fgd fully supports model preview in the 3d view.

cs-sp fgd present in hammer by default.

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