Useful links

These are some very useful sites to visit if you want to seek advanced tutorials.
    If you can't understand the basics of mapping here then this site will prove very useful.

  • gamebanana (previously known as
    This is the site you need when you want to post your map on the net for everyone to download. Sadly, its cs 1.6 section was wiped out but the community is posting more maps than ever.

  • TWHL.(The whole half-life)
    This site is also good for mappers and has a lot of old but useful tutorials.
  • Cstrike-planet
    Another good site for publishing your maps. The only downside is that the maps go through a review process and only after meeting the guidelines, is published.
  • Countermap2
  • An old counter-strike dedicated mapping site. Contains some very useful tutorials.

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