Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sizes in cstrike

First of all, lets get familiar with some tools.

On the top left side of the editor, we get these options:

Ignore the ones which I have not marked for now.

1  The grid toggle option. Click here to remove the grids from the 2d views.
2  The 3d grid view. Use this option to enable grid in the 3d view.
3  The grid- option. Use this to make the grid smaller( Default is at 64 units per grid )
4  The grid+ option. Use this option to make the grid bigger.
5  The group together option. Used to make brushes select as one. Explained later.
6  The ungroup option. Used to deselect brushes.
7  The texture lock option. Explained later. Select it for now.
8  The compile button. Most of you must be using the f9 short-cut key.

If you have many brushes together and would like to group them, for example you have made a cylinder and you don't want to select all the brushes everytime, just select all the brushes in the cylinder and click the group button. You can also right click and select the group together button.

  The ungroup button does exactly the opposite. It seperates the brushes.

  Also useful is the ignore group button located just next to the ungroup button. If you just want to select an individual piece of a brush without ungrouping it toggle this button and select your brush. Don't forget to toggle again this button.


By default, when you open hammer the grid is set at 64 units per grid. 64 units can easily cover a person without covering his head. Manipulate the grid with the 2 grid buttons I showed at the start.

The height of a wall is 128 units.
The height of a door is 92 units.
The width of a door is 64 units.

The height of a staircase is 8 units(max 16)

The height of a player is 73 units.
The crouched height of a player is 37 units.
Air ducts are usually 48x48 units.

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