Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Complex geometry:part 2

I will now show how to use the vertex manipulation tool

First of all, make a brush and select it. Now, click on the vertex tool. The brush will look like this. Notice the points being shown on the 3d view.

The white boxes are selectable. Click on one white box in the top view and drag it. Press enter to confirm the manipulation. Remember that you can't undo or redo in the manipulation mode. You saw that you can even select the points in the 3d view. In that way you can select individual points. For example, there are 2 points you have edited. The point edited in the 3d view is x and the point edited in one of the 2d view(top view in example) is y. See the screenshot given below to understand the point manipulation.
You have seen that the 3d view can be more useful as the individual point is manipulated. But the 2d view is equally important. You will see later how.
Just remember that you can't make concave brushes. For example, you can't make doughnut shaped brushes, though you can use the cut tool. Also, press alt+p to see if there are any errors in your map. Brush errors will come up if you make a concave brush. Oh and this is the screenshot of a cylinder if you were wondering how to make one.
The first cylinder is handmade by making a box and cutting it up and using the vertex tool to join it up to resemble a donut. The second one is made by using the carve tool on a cylinder in a box and the third one is the same as the second one but the difference is that I have made the curves by using the clipping tool.

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