Sunday, January 30, 2011

Advanced texturing

Open the texture selection tool. Noticed the different options?
Now I will show you how to edit the textures on the brush surfaces. Look at the screenshot given below:
If you want to stretch a texture, select the texture selection tool and click on the texture. Press the scale up or scale down button to change the size of the texture. If you want to move the texture, use the shift up or shift down button. Everything is self explanatory.
Oh and the x and y denotes the axis of the texture. But if the texture is on a slanted brush, the coords of the texture will depend on the degree of the brush. x and y change at 45` angle.

Till now you have used the textures given in halflife.wad file. If you want to make a de_dust type map, just add the wad file cs_wad by going to tools>options>textures. It is recommended that you add a low number of wad files.

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