Tuesday, February 15, 2011

All light entities

In this tutorial i will show you how to use advanced lighing.

Previously, i used point entity light to add lghts in your map.
But there are many ways to add lights to your map. There three point entities; light, light_spot, light_enviroment.


The most used point entity. When you place the light entity, this dialog box comes up.

I will take this as a base for the 2 other entities. See the brightness box. The first 3 numbers indicate the rgb value of the light. You can change the color manually by changing the rgb values or click on the 'pick color' button. The fourth value indicates the brightness of the light. Keep in mind that the brightness and the intensity of the light is different. That is, if you know the rgb values are high and the difference between the bightness value.

        This explanation goes for the other light entities too. Ignore the other options in the light properties for now. Oh and this is how the light entity would look in a room.


This is the entity you need the most to add dramatic effects to your map. The light entity throws light all around it but the light_spot entity throws it in one particular direction.

    Notice the dimness of the bulb. This is because this entity will throw light only in a particular direction. You can also specify the direction using the circular dragger on the right side of the box or manually change it in the pitch yaw roll box. The inner radius makes a circular area of bright light while the outer radius makes up the fading light  area outside the bright light area. To how the outer fading area, change the angle to be bigger than the inner bright area.

   You can also use this entity as a sky entity. If selected in the last box, this entity will function as a light_enviroment entity.


This entity throws light in one particular angle but from a brush.
   It works like this. This entity makes all the sky texture throw light in a definite angle. But the light actually is thrown from a square area. Which makes it idea to use it as an ambient light entity. It works like the light_spot entity but it has a 'shade' box. This is due to zhlt.
        The shade property is very important. You can use it to define the colour of the shadows. I generally make the shadows dark blue so that the shadows are black with a tinge of blue. I have not changed the shade property in the example.
Some of you must be wondering why there is a option for the light_spot entity to behave like the light_enviroment.

    The reason is that both entities throw light in different ways. If you want moonlight, try light_spot. Otherwise stick with light_enviroment.

Oh and there is a fourth type of light entity but it is actually a brush entity. I will talk about it later but this screenshot is meant to keep you excited.

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