Saturday, January 29, 2011

Making your first map

In this post I will show you hove to create your first map.
First of all create a new map from file>new. Next, select the block selection tool from the left side toolbox. Blocks. brushes, solid world geometry all are the same so it won't matter which name I refer to. But for the sake of simplicity I will use the brush word.
Next, click and drag your mouse in the top view. A square will be created. The colour of the square is white indicating that it is not yet made. Click enter to confirm. That is your first brush. Use the 3d view to see the square brush. Don't worry about the texture. The screen should look like this:

Now, using the side and front view, make 4 walls around the square which we previously made. It should look like this:
Just as we use ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste, we can do the same in vhe. Select the first brush by using the selection tool and press ctrl+c or right click and press copy. Now paste it back. When a brush is selected,    it is shown in red to indicate it is selected. Move the brush and place it directly on top of the 4 walls forming a small room.

Good. Now select all the brushes(6 in total). Select multiple brushes by holding down the ctrl button and use the 3d view. Once you have selected, click on the texture selection button. There click on browse and select and decent texture. I am uing the texture -1babfl. Once you have selected the texture, click on apply. The texture of the room will be changed.

Now select the entity tool just above the brush tool. The icon will change to resemble an axe. Click on objects located below visgroups on the right panel. Select info_player_start. Place the entity in the room. In the same way, select the info_player_deathmatch entity and place it opposite to the previous entity. Select the light entity and place it in the middle of the room. The view should look like this:

That's it. You have officially made your first map. Now, to make the map playable we have to compile it. Click on the compile button on the top panel or press f9. A dialog box will come up asking you to save your map. Give your map a decent name. A compile window will come up looking like this:

Ignore the game parameters tab and make sure everything is like the screenshot.
Now click ok. A window will come up. Ignore the window.
After a few seconds counter-strike will open up and your map will be loaded. My map looks like this:

Yours will probably be different.
Anyways I will explain a few things. info_player_start is the spawn point for ct while info_player_deathmatch is the spawn point for t. The light entity is needed because if it is not added, the map will look pitch black. Place the player spawn points just above the ground. It won't matter if they are floating in the air. Lastly, don't  leave gaps between brushes or else the map won't compile properly. This type of error is called a leak and they are sometimes very hard to find. Oh and the window which came up during the compiling stage is called a compile log. Ignore it for now.

Congratulations on making your first map. The next tutorials are designed for beginners. After that you can move to the intermidiate stage and then to the expert stage.

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