Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Correctly taking screenshots in cs 1.6

Screenshots are useful when publishing your map. Unfortunately, most mappers out there don't take their screenshots correctly. Usually the hud is on and players hands can be seen. In this post, I will show you how to correctly take screenshots.

Step 1

Remove the hud. Type hud_draw 0 in the console to remove the hud.

Step 2

Remove the player hands and weapon. There are two ways to do this. First, type r_drawviewmodel 0 to remove the hands. If this works, congratulations. Your viewport is completely clean.
But if the previous command doesn't work, type opening cs 1.6 in single player mode. If it still doesn't work, type r_drawentities 0. This will remove the hands but also all the enitties from the map. Note that they are still physically present.
On a final note, some people go to the extreme and download invisible hand skins. Note that this is officially banned by valve and may cause some problems if playing on steam.

Step 3

By now your screen should be clear from all unwanted stuff. Printscreen command doesn't work for cs 1.6 so pressing f5 takes a screenshot. The image will be in your cstrike directory.

Step 4

Its time for dressing up!
Convert all the screenshots to jpg. I use Xnview to convert and resize them. Works like a charm.
I don't recommend amping up your screenshots in photoshop. People prefer natural photos although its ok if you are adjusting the hue and saturation if the screenshot is too dark.

Step 5

There is no step five. Start publishing your map along with the screenshots.

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