Saturday, February 25, 2012

Making rotating doors

This is a simple tutorial on making rotating doors.

Step 1
Make a brush which should have a height of 96 units, with of 64 units and thickness of 8 units. This will be your door. Now make a brush covered in the origin texture. Place it at the edge of the door like this:
This brush covered in the origin texture indicates the point of rotation of the door. The center of origin brush tells the compiler the edge of the door from where it will rotate.

Step 2
Now select the door and the origin brush and turn it into a func_door_rotating entity. Now just compile the map and the door will rotate when pushed.

You can also further customize the door. Enter a value in the speed property box to change its speed. You can also add sounds when it moves and when it closes by using the move sound and stop sound box. Everything else is pretty much self explanatory. Also don't forget to check the flags; there are important options given for controlling the door.

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