Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adding your own custom textures

This tutorial will teach you how to add your textures to your map.

First, know that textures are simple .bmp or .jpeg images packaged in a .wad file. You can download wad files from gamebanana.  Don't forget to give credit to the author of the wad file. Place your wad file in the cstrike folder. Now open up hammer editor and go to tools>options>textures tab and click on the 'add WAD' button. It will look like this:

After adding your wad, open up texture browser. There the new textures will be present. Just compile your map now and play your map. Keep in mind that when you distribute your map, you also have to give the wad files as well or else the game will crash.

Now that you have successfully added custom textures, it is time you learn about the -wadinclude command. This is a command line parameter you enter in the advanced compile menu just before compiling your map.

What this command does is; it embeds the .wad files in your .bsp file so you don't need to add a res file and another good thing is that it only adds the textures which are used in your map; eg: if you are using a wad file which is 5mbs but you only used 4 or 5 textures, the rest of the textures carry unnecessary weight to your map

First, open the advanced compile menu. If you don't know what it is, go here. Now click on csg_exe and type  -wadinclude <custom wad name here> in the parameters tab. It should look like this:
You can also add multiple wads. Just leave a space and enter the wadinclude command again. Like this:
-wadinclude sheikh.wad -wadinclude gg.wad
After that, there is no need to place the wad file in the cstrike folder after your map has been released as the game will automatically get textures from the .bsp file itself.

I will add a tutorial on how to make your own custom textures shortly.

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