Friday, May 6, 2011

Models and how to add them in your map

A map is typically composed of 2 things; brushes and entities. But there are other things which make a map. These include models, sprites, sounds, etc.

Adding a model is very easy. Just place a cycler entity by clicking on the entity tool and place it in the map and select the model in the model/sprite selection. Your cs models will be locate in cstrike/models folder.
The bag is the model.

If you want, you can also add custom models. Just make a folder of your choice in the models folder and place your models there. In the editor, just link the models with the cycler entities. The good thing about the models are that they take less load on the cpu and they can be made with fancy geometry.

    The models should render in the editor. Even if they aren't getting rendered, they will still get rendered in the game. To get the models rendered in the editor, follow the first tutorial in the basics tab on this site.

Note: If you want players to move through the models because some models can have nasty hitboxes, place a cycler_sprite entity and point the model of your choice in the properties dialog box. This will make the model behave like a func_illusionary. 

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